Magnet Program

Halstead Academy of Art and Science - Magnet Program

Students are actively engaged in integrted, hands-on, authentic project-oriented experiences that develop stewardship of the environment.  Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make sound decisions that respect the environment.  Outdoor experiences such as environmental lab studies and field trips enhance the environmental aspects of the program.

Students at Halstead Academy have the opportunity to explore different art modalities such as:  dance, drama, music, visual arts, and graphic arts.  Specific reading, math, and environmental science skills are taught through arts-integrated lessons to build knowledge, character and an appreciation for the arts.

The magnet programs are infused with new technologies that allow students to interact with the content as well as each other, using the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking to support the curriculum.  Students complete all curricular requirements of Baltimore County Public Schools.




Arts Integration

Students will explore the arts through an artist in residency program and visiting the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.  Students at Halstead can be seen being dramatic as they sing, dance and paint their way through the curriculum.


In the Science Magnet  program, students in grades K-5 will explore    science topics revolving around the environment in order to become stewards of the environment.

The scientific method will drive investigations and hands-on  experiences are present at every grade level.  Students in all grade levels work with experts in the field as they are actively engaged in  authentic learning and real-world problem solving  exercises. Halstead offers many magnet themed nights that vary from school year to school year.

Outdoor Education

Students are afforded many opportunities for authentic outdoor learning experiences such as canoeing, restoration, sailing, gardening, as well as many environmental studies trips.
                        outdoor education

Transportation is provided for students who are zoned to attend Carney, Halstead, Harford Hills, Oakleigh, Pine Grove, Pleasant Plains, Seven Oaks, Stoneleigh, Rodgers Forge, Villa Cresta, or West Towson Elementary.