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Halstead Academy of Science and the Arts' vision is to help today's learners become tomorrow’s leaders by preparing our children for school, the future, and life. We are dedicated to creating a school culture that fosters and promotes excellence by delivering a comprehensive, quality program that adapts to the needs of our students, their families, and the community. By providing a safe and engaging learning environment with high expectations for all, we will empower students to apply acquired skills and knowledge needed to become tomorrow’s leaders. The Halstead community believes that a good school is one that makes education desirable and accessible to the entire community of learners: children, staff, and families. We believe that a school should teach children a challenging curriculum and maintain high expectations for all. As a magnet school our focus is on the arts and environmental sciences. Our students are provided with exceptional opportunities that allow them to experience environmental sciences through hands on activities and real life application. The arts program supports the core curricular program by presenting content through various forms of art.


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